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Gotta Have It: 10 Fashion Essentials

Gotta Have It: 10 Fashion Essentials


Hi Fashionistas! Who loves to shop? I'm pretty sure anyone who is reading this blog raised their hand or yelled "ME"! My sister and I LOVE to shop. Although we love fashion trends, every fashionista should have "the essentials" in their closet. We have created a list of fashion essentials everyone should have. With these essentials, you can guarantee a POISED, polished, and fashionable look. Keep reading for the fashion must-haves. You'll thank us later! 

leather jacket .jpg

1. Black Leather Jacket - The black leather jacket is the mother of all jackets. Not only will it last you a lifetime, but you can also wear it all year long! 

2.  Blue Denim Jeans - Good denim is "the key to life." Just throw on a t-shirt or a cute top, pair it with casual tennis shoes or black heels and you are good to go. 

denim jacket.jpeg

3. Jean Jacket - If the leather jacket is the mother of all jackets, then the jean jacket is her daughta. Between the jean jacket and the leather jacket, your lightweight outerwear is perfect!

4. Tailored Blazer - A tailored blazer can make anyone looked POISED and polished. Does anyone else feel like a BOSS whenever they wear a bomb blazer? I know I do! 

5. Little Black Dress ("LBD")  -  This staple can take you from 9 to 5 to an evening out on the town. From cute to casual, this essential has you set for every occasion. 

6. White Blouse - A blouse is critical for the everyday fashionista. You can wear it with anything. Dress it up for work or a big interview with a pencil skirt or tailored suit. Dress it down for a cute date or brunch with the girls with a pair of jeans and fabulous heels.  

oversized sweater.jpg

7. Oversized Sweater - The oversized sweater is a perfect transition staple from a breeze to a burr. You can wear an oversized sweater with a skirt, jeans, slacks, sweatpants . . . pretty much anything. 

8. White T-Shirt - Throw this piece with a pair of denim or sweatpants. You can wear it with heels or boots to dress it up, or if you're in a hurry, a pair of tennis shoes will do the trick.

9. Fabulous Heels - Nude, black, or patterned. You can't go wrong with a great pair of heels. 

leopard heel .jpg

10. Tennis Shoes - Although my sister and I love a good pair of heels, we find ourselves wearing tennis shoes 90% of the time. It's always a good idea to be cute and comft with a good pair of tennies. 





We hope you found inspiration in this post! Let us know what your favorite fashion essentials are or if you have other fashion essentials to share in the comments down below.  We would love to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful day! 

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